Six Cylinder Lycoming 540 / ACE-568 Efii Conversion Rocks!

Posted by:   |  January 9, 2016

This is our first 6 cylinder conversion for one or our customers very cool projects. This engine will go on Backcountry Supercubs first 4 place STOL monster. I hear the frame is done and might even be covered. This engine started as a first run 260hp Lycoming stocker. I overhauled the case and crank but all other components are either New Lycoming or our ACE Performance components. The sump is the Skydynamics Maxi Sump cold air induction system, the fuel and ignition is the EFii dual electronic fuel injection ignition system, and last but not least, we installed our AX50 big bore 5.25″ cylinder kits. The end result is a 370lb, dry engine all in weight that is missing only the alternator and oil that produces 360hp and 697 lbs of torque at 2700 RPM. ┬áDid I mention our cylinders run just as good on 91 octane unleaded auto-fuel? We expected a solid 330-340hp based on our testing with 379 four cylinder version but I have to give credit to Skydynamics induction sump and tapered intake tube system. Kevin over there really does seem to have a great sump and this is the only explanation we can give to why this combination works so well. Stay tuned the engine is now on its way from Ly-Con (where we did the testing and engine performance runs) to Back Country in WY for installation. I am eager to help get the plane flying and fine tune Efii in time for this summer season of flying.