Replacing Lycoming components one piece at a time.

Our passion for performance and the advance of engine design in aviation has prompted ACE-Performance to bring many new solutions and technology to aviation. Traditional manufactures of aircraft engines have been hampered by certification and liability exposure.  This is a real and destructive reality in our business that continues to stifle innovation. Can you think of one product you have bought in the past 12 months that has not been either totally redesigned in the pat 20 years?  ;except the brand new Lycoming or Continental engine you might have bought?

AX40 & AX50 Big Bore Performance Replacement Cylinders For Wide Deck 320/360/540/720 Lycoming Engines

The all aluminum Monolith cylinder assembly is considerably lighter that conventional cylinders, testing has show 20% better cooling, and the special combustion chamber loves low octane unleaded fuel. These 5.25" bore replacement assemblies increase your engine to 335/379/568/758 cu in with no additional modifications. Along with immensely strong AX50/40 rods at only 768grams, including the rod bolts, coupled to our pistons at 823 grams and attached to our DLC coated piston pins, give you a lightweight upgrade with massive increase in strength.

ACE AX50 data sheet download

ACE AX40 and AX50 Technical Build Sheet data sheet download

$3,600.00 complete cylinder assembly, piston, rod, pin, and ring pack.

AX50 OE replacement Cylinder/Piston

If you are looking to replace your old parallel Lycoming cylinder with our AX50, we now have an OE conversion kit. Comes with 5.125" AX50 cylinder assembly and our new ACE-JE28 OE piston. This will accept standard OE ring pack, pin, to connect to your standard rod.  While this does not give you the added weight reduction as our racing rod, pin, and ring pack, you will see about 4 lbs reduction per cylinder and over 10% power increase.  (yes this will also run perfectly on unleaded fuel)

$2,350 (per Cylinder) includes piston and AX50 cylinder

409/428 Lycoming Crank Kit

Upgrade you’re existing wide deck 320 or 360 Lycoming engine into 409 or 428 cubic inches of power with our exclusive crank, lightweight rods, and piston kit. Modification to most cases required so we recommend that this upgrade be performed as part of complete overhaul.

$21,500.00 (Kit)

ACE 335/379/428/568/758 Overhaul/Upgrades

Send us your timed out 320/360/540 wide deck Lycoming engine and as part of complete overhaul we will upgrade to some or all of our Advanced Components. AX50 cylinder, rods and piston kits, pressure recovery plenty, light weight oil sump, or many other items we are working on to ultimately replace the dated designs offered by current companies.

Just download the form below and email it back, we will then give you an exact quote for overhaul of your engine or a brand new engine built with Genuine Lycoming parts.

ACE New Engine Configuration Form