Multi Fuel Piston Engine Development

Several companies are working very hard to produce heavy fuel (diesel) engines in the 100-200 horsepower realm. There are presently thousands of UAV’s and lightsport aircraft flying using either a Rotax or small Lycoming based gasoline engine. While these engines are very reliable they all use 100 octane avgas or gasoline. This fuel is very hard to source around the world and creates many issues storing and transporting along with more common diesel or jet fuel. Militaries around the world are demanding that new engines be developed for fast growing mid size UAV market.

Building small diesel engines up to about 50 horsepower has been attainable up to this point but the weight of the engine increases as the horsepower goes up to the point that the engines become too heavy to meet the design requirements of lightsport and UAV manufacturers. UAV manufactures want more power and more payload at the same time. This is very problematic using traditional diesel engine manufacturing methods.

ACE-performance successfully built both a 50 and 170 horsepower prototype engines utilizing our unique piston and chamber with simple and reliable 2 stroke design.


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We are now completing design and soon will start production of the E-300  V4 (170-300hp) and a v12 (650-1000hp) clean sheet design engines.  These engines will demonstrate our unique design for achieving the needed horsepower while keeping the weight of the jet burning engine at or below similar AVgas versions of the engines. Click on images below to see detailed views.


E-1000G_J2016-03-24 07.12.45


Below is the the V4 e-300 Higgs Diesel with same gearbox as v12


2016-03-24 07.13.162016-03-24 07.13.08

Note the very exquisite detail of dual generators, starter, and mounting locations.