Design of Our v12 Heavy Fuel Engine Complete

Posted by:   |  March 6, 2016

For the past 18 months we have been working away on the design of our next generation engine heavy fuel offering. This is our 1000 cubic in, 1000hp v12 heavy fuel 2 stroke engine. The first customers in this project will be installing this engine into a 80% P51 project. We believe this engine and smaller versions will have significant opportunies to replace turbine and traditional air cooled aircraft engines. Applications for generators, tanks, marine, and even blimp are just a few of the markets we will target.

We expect to be running the first variant of this design by the end of 2016 and hope to start delivery of the v12 by summer of 2017. The real design genius of this engine is that once complete, there are only a few parts needed to build a v4 and v8 version of this engine.

Seen here is the E1000 Higgs Diesel