ACE sends another new engine to Race!

Posted by:   |  November 3, 2015

As we continue our development we just had to try bolting our Ax50 cylinders on a Lycoming 720 eight cylinder engine. Of course having a spare NXT around doesn’t hurt. Since I had already run a 720 before the conversion was not a big deal once I found a good wide deck case and crank. With help of Ly-Con to source all the parts and balance the crank, we quickly assembled the new engine with our rods, pistons, and AX50 big bore cylinders. This gave us a very light 758 cubic inches to play with. Funny , we actually had to add lead ballast behind the prop to bring back to normal cg range after loosing over 58lbs with our cylinders over the stock angle valve Lycoming cylinders.

Only bummer is a mis-communication on the cam timing gave us a great running 360hp version of our potential 475hp. With time run out to get to reno we decided to to go and have a fun week and look to 2016 to pull engine and reset cam timing to the correct settings. ┬áThat what happens when you “race” to race….

In the end we where able to fly up and race all week and even finished 4th in final race on Sunday. Relentless is back in the air and with many months to dial her in I am feeling pretty good about next season of racing.