ACE Long Ez gets new R379 and finds new home.

Posted by:   |  November 3, 2015

Since I found the Long Ez it has served as a great test platform for our engines.  Our first engine R360, then a Titan straight valve 409, and the final little monster was our lightest most powerful R379.  The final configuration started with stock Eci wide deck case, light weight updraft magnesium sump, and magnesium accessory case developed for Cubcrafters Carbon Cub.  We then bolted on our ACE rods, pins, rings, pistons, and AX50 5.25 big bore cylinders. Dual Lightspeed ignition and Airflow Performance AFP-150 fuel injection systems. The total dry weight came in just under 250lbs and puts out over 220hp at 2850rpm. The most unique aspect of this engine is our first fully counter-weighted crankshaft. Much stronger than OEM crank and much smoother.

Performance of this final version was staggering. Pilot and 20 gallons of fuel can now climb 10,000 feet from 200′ msl in just 06:04 minutes. That’s 1666′ fpm! At 2500′ max indicate is now 209 knots. Cruise can easily be achieved at 200 knots below 10,000 feet.

Once I was happy with engine, I listed and sold in just a few days. The new owner seems very excite to now own such a unique airplane and should be working quickly to personalize the paint and interior to his liking.

If you have a pusher, contact me about several other options we have of getting mor power and reducing weight in your project. The 185hp 335 conversions for 320’s is easy to do and will make huge difference in performance.