ACE • Advanced Component Engineering

Imagine purchasing a new computer that came out ten years ago? Not likely. Then why are we building brand new aircraft only to install a power-plant that is designed with technology half a century old.

At ACE-Performance we set out to maximize performance from these ancient designs to feed our racing addiction but quickly realized that our designs also improved safety, reliability, and efficiency; not to mention the added benefits of being able to move away from the costly and destructive aspects of leaded gasoline.

We plan a full transformation of current antiquated technology to beautifully efficient, performance driven, and reliable solutions. We started with our 409 conversion kits for 4 cylinder Lycoming engines unveiled in 2012. We then developed a totally new one piece AX-50 bolt on cylinder assembly for all 4, 6, and 8 cylinder wide deck Lycoming horizontally opposed engines. We have seen horsepower increases around 15% on average along with substantial weight savings. The new AX50 cylinders  are not be subject to possible separation caused by the current bi-metal screw-together design, will cool better due to superior fin design, enjoy close tolerances for reduced oil consumption, and last longer than any cylinder now available.

Once we where able to verify the performance a reliability of the AX50 we have now finished and are shipping the new AX40 cylinder assemblies. These are the same cylinder as the AX50 but are designed to bolt on 320 cases and cranks but because they have slightly larger bore and pistons the end result is a 335 cubic engine that will produce 185-195hp. That right, instead of rebuilding your 150 or 160 320 to the same power, you will get back the same size engine with 15% more power, about 16lbs lighter, and all on unleaded fuel.

We have now successfully tested a 6 cylinder 540 we converted to 568 that turns out 360hp at 2700 rpm and 680lbs of torque.  We are serious about breaking the mold and status quo to provide performance, reliability, and reduced cost through longevity.

While this may all sound a bit lofty, it is only the beginning. Redundant fuel injection and electronic ignition, heavy fuel conversion, and Racing versions of our products are available now.

The ACE Team

Andy Higgs Chief Technical Designer/Owner

30 years in the design, development and production of powertrain for professional motorsport, F1, Indy, F3000, GT500, Rally Car, LeMans, MotoGP to name but a few. With a passion for flying and fast aircraft Andy decided the time was ripe to offer the aviation community something better. Powerful engines mean nothing without safety, reliability and durability. Andy’s aim is to change the performance envelope and offer the customers, simply the best designed and best performing products with inherent reliability and safety.

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