A9 Lubricants

ACE is the only US distributor of  Motoreco PL engine treatment and Injecteco engine treatment.

With the unique properties to prevent corrosion and at the same time reducing friction, A9 is the only patented surface engineering treatment with sub micron sized particles that are “miscible” in the oil. All the others use solvents of various types to create a “solution” that mixes with the oil. These solution type products modify the base oil and can void the manufactures warranty. A9 as it is “MISCIBLE” uses the oil solely as a transport mechanism within the engine. Once the engine temperature reaches 43C (109.4F) the sub micron size particles adhere to any metallic surface. The particles are extremely small, in fact they are 0.1 micron, this allows them to easily move unhindered past the oil filter unlike other products that are only a several microns in size which ultimately clog up the oil filter. The other secondary benefit is the reduction in friction and hence a lower sump temperature. Under controlled conditions at the University using the ball on disk test, plates that were conditioned with A9 showed a remarkable reduction in friction.

The product comes in basically a syringe that you simple add to the oil, it is designed to last approximately 100 hours in the aircraft environment and simply top up again after 100 hours. You do not need to replace the A9 every time you change the oil.

Initially, after the engine has gone through it’s normal break in procedure, you would change the oil and add A9. During a period of 2 hours at temperature, the A9 will have had enough time to circulate around the engine and coat most parts. It is not necessary to run continuously for two hours, you may split the time up.

Engine Type Treatment Size

1. Engine capacity 360 c.i Motoreco PL x 1 pack
2. Engine capacity 540 c.i Motoreco PL x 1 Pack
3. Engine capacity 720 c.i Motoreco PL x 2 Pack (Also R-1340 and R-1820)
4. Engine capacity 2,240 c.i Motoreco PL x 3 Pack (Also R-2800 and 2600/3350)

So, to review. It is NOT an oil treatment, it is an ENGINE treatment and uses the oil as a transport mechanism.

A9 is “MISCIBLE” all other products on the market are soluble.

A9 does NOT change the manufactures warranty as it has absolutely no effect on the oil, it’s viscosity or the additives in the oil.

Handling of A9 is safe. Other additives use toxic chemicals and are very dangerous to health and the environment.

Motoreco PL 60ml: $75.00
Injectrco 60ml: $35.00
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